SALENTO: the Land of the thousand emotions

Welcome to the fascinating Salento Province. It is the land of the “pizzica” dance, Baroque art and architecture and stunning beaches. Here in the centre of the Mediterranean, even nowadays, history, culture, music and landscapes blend together in an extraordinary way.
The vibrant energy of Salento involves and fascinates, making the tourist become protagonist of an unforgettable vacation. Salento is an insula in the peninsula, that includes about one hundred municipalities of the province of Lecce.
Crossroad of people and cultures, of landings and of departures, this land is living in the last years an amazing cultural awakening thanks to the revaluation and enhancement of its traditions and its history, for the benefit of a sustainable, authentic and not at all invasive tourism, in line with the increasing demand of a truly dimension and still able to offer not conforming and false experiences and feelings but connected with an age-old and complex culture and always imbued by the keen hosting spirit that the people of Salento have coded in their DNA .
Salento is a land still anchored to his ancestral origins, among ancient rituals and archaic symbols. The most ancient province of Puglia region, with his caves already lived thousand of years ago. Graffiti, Dolmens, Menhirs and Megaliths of the Neolithic age are disseminated all over the territory of Salento. These are discreet witnesses of mankind in these places. Where the stones still have a name such as “Stone of the Fertility” in Calimera city or ” The rock of the old one” a kind of limestone in Giurdignano city. A place in which the absolute resounds, where also the time loses meaning. In the Salento, history finds its limit and is forced to leave place to the folklore, with its true and legendary world together, its symbols, its beliefs, its traditions and its memories in an ever-changing way. The places themselves bring us back to peoples memories and histories.
The secular olive trees, the caves, the coastal towers, the demolished fortress, are mighty and mysterious occurrences that, crossing the centuries, bring with themselves the memories of men and women. Those that happened in these places are histories soaked with legend , but people tell them as if they were personal memories to demonstrate the ancient symbiosis there’s between man and territory.
It’s in this suspended in time Universe that your trip takes place to research stories and memories that will reconstruct that little thread that connects men and lands, past and present by making you rediscover the true soul of Salento.
Enjoy your Trip..

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